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Related Framework projects

Project coordinator: University of Gent
SmartFiber develops a smart miniaturized system which integrates optical fiber sensor technology, nano-photonic chip technology and low power wireless technology. The smart system will enable for the first time fully embedded structural health monitoring of composites used as structural parts in e.g. wind turbine blades, satellites, airplanes, civil constructions, oil and gas wells, boat hulls, propellers.

Project coordinator: Thales Avionics

Affordable transport for the citizen relies on innovative solutions and technologies that will result in lower costs and lead-time of the aircraft and its systems. In this area, the packaging of on-board computers is an important contributor. The Packaging of futuRe Integrated ModulAr Electronics (PRIMAE) objective is to develop a new flexible, robust and open aeronautical packaging for the next generation of electronics and particularly to Integrated Modular Avionics. This new concept after standardization will be able to replace the 35 year old ARINC 600 standard.

Project coordinator: AgustaWestland

ALICIA directly addresses the Vision 2020 goal of improved time efficiency in the air transportation system by developing new cockpit systems that can enable significantly more aircraft movements than is possible today. The aim within ALICIA is to develop new systems which will permit aircraft to operate in almost all weather conditions and to fly closer together at lower risk, whilst simultaneously driving down air transport delays.

Scalable and reconfigurable electronics, platforms and tools
Project coordinator: Thales Avionics
The concept of the SCARLETT project is based on a shared analysis made by the European Aerospace Community which supports the need to carry out research leading to a conceptual breakthrough in IMA1G in order to define a scalable, reconfigurable fault-tolerant driven and secure new avionics platform, namely DME: Distributed Modular Electronics

One Display for a Cockpit Interactive Solution
Project coordinator: Thales Avionics
Start date 01-May-2009 (30 months duration)

ODICIS is an FP7 project aimed at developing a single display cockpit by employing state of the art technologies.

Photonic Components for Ultra -Wideband Radio Over Optical Fibre
Project coordinator: Holon Institute of Technology (HIT)
UROOF addresses the challenging problem of low-cost and high performance conversion of high data rates modulated communication signals from optical domain (over single mode and multimode fibre) to radio frequency domain and vice-versa. UROOF focus on photonic components and device concepts that apply for transmission of Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio signal over hybrid wireless/fiber networks.